Episode 352: Upstanding Podcast Citizens

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It’s podcasts all the way down! By listener request, we’re discussing “Don’t Wait For Me Beneath the Mistletoe” by The Allusionettes. The band — comprised of Jenny Owen Youngs, Martin Austwick, and podcast host Helen Zaltzman — was formed for an episode of The Allusionist podcast about creating a 2020-appropriate holiday hit. We pair that with another Jenny Owen Youngs holiday tune, “Maybe Next Year”, which definitely came out in 2019 and not 2020! We got this wrong and there was absolutely no way we could have fact checked it while recording! Jam had a headache and Ian was trapped under a cat!! Please, we’re sorry, we’re upstanding podcast citizens!!!

The ranking music in this episode is “Fuck Was I” by Jenny Owen Youngs.

Thank you to Matthew for requesting “Don’t Wait For Me Beneath the Mistletoe”!

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