Episode 353: The Super Bowl Sneak

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Gosh, the Super Bowl seems to come earlier and earlier every year, doesn’t it? Football music starts getting played the radio, kids start lining up at the mall to sit on Bill Belichick’s lap. Hmm? What’s that? Ok, I’m getting word that it’s actually the opposite, that the super bowl comes later now. And the other things I said have never happened? Apparently? No child has ever desired to approach Bill Belichick? And “football music” isn’t anything? Well, we beg to differ (with the last thing specifically)!!! We listen to “Merry Christmas in the NFL” by Willis the Guard and Vigorish, and like, woof. That’s followed by “Santa’s Night” by the Philly Specials featuring Jason Kelce, which is akin to a refreshing Gatorade shower after that first one.

The ranking music in this episode is “Heavy Action” by Johnny Pearson (the original Monday Night Football anthem, which, fun fact, has a title that rules).

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