Episode 324: Subscribe to the Holidays

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Hanukkah is almost here, and to celebrate, we’ve got two- wait a sec, our producers are saying something. They say that we didn’t do enough CanCon this year. Well, shoot, I guess we gotta scrap the songs that we were- what’s that? A producer is now telling me the two Hanukkah songs we’re listening to this episode ARE Canadian! Phew, that’s pretty convenient! “Happy Hanukkah” by Walk Off the Earth featuring Scott Helman and “Chanukah Christmas” by Shelley Posen bring us two different flavors of Canadian Chankuah celebrations in this- sorry, one moment. Uh huh, yup – a producer is letting me know that we also did this bit in the episode, and so doing it in the description doesn’t make chronological sense. Well, that’s unfotun- huh? What? “Happy Hanukkah” is originally a Matisyahu song but we didn’t realize that while recording because Walk Off the Earth doesn’t mention that in their video at all? Wow, thanks for the important correction, producers!

The ranking music in this episode is “The Journey Starts Today” by Walk Off the Earth.

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