Episode 361: Hard Listening

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It’s getting to be that time of year! You know, the time of year when it feels completely wild to tell someone that you listen to a year-round winter-holiday music podcast? But don’t worry, we’ve got two listener requests to kick your holiday spirit back into high gear. “Bing Crosby Wrote Festive Christmas Songs” by Angry Snowmans is a cover that puts a right jolly twist on a punk standard. Then the upbeat “I Still Believe in Christmas” by The Fleshtones puts us in the mood for prancing, dancing, dashing,¬†and¬†dondering!

(Side note: if you want to know the origins of all of Angry Snowmans’ songs, someone did that legwork and posted it on reddit three years ago!)

The ranking music in this episode is “Bob Dylan Wrote Propoganda Songs” by The Minutemen.

Thank you to Kevin for these requests!

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