Episode 170: The Feminine Mystique (North Pole Edition)

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, so we’re listening to two songs about Mother Christmas! The first – “Mother Christmas” by J.S. Ondara – uses the right nomenclature, but is actually a sincere, transcendent lament about missing one’s mom (if Mother’s Day is a tough day for you, maybe skip this one!). “Mrs. Santa Claus” by Nat King Cole, however, offers a saccharine salute to Father Christmas’s put-upon wife – who does all the housework, menial tasks, and emotional labour? It’s Mrs. Santa Claus!

Episode 169: Kylo and the Rens

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This week is MAY the FOURTH, so you know what that means! That’s right, it’s Rhode Island Independence Day!! We celebrate with holiday songs by two bands from our beloved little home state, “Holy Shit It’s Christmas” by Deer Tick and “All I Want for Xmas” by Draco and the Malfoys.

Find the playlist of Deer Tick’s favorite winter holiday music that was mentioned in this episode here!

Episode 168: Grown Up Songs for Grown Ups

This week, we cover two requests for songs about Christmas wishes – mature, adult Christmas wishes. “My Grown Up Christmas List” by Amy Grant is a sentimental classic that doesn’t quite pull our heartstrings, while “I Want a Boob Job for Christmas” by Virginia Kegel is a theatrical romp exemplifying the immature version of “mature” content.

Thank you to anonymous and Dylan for the requests!

Episode 167: Tis the Weed

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OK, look. We’ve run out of funny things to say about April 20th, the weed holiday, here in the episode description. But we will never, ever run out of winter holiday songs about weed: for 4/20/2018, we listen to “Weed (All I Want for Christmas)” by Nellie McKay and “Have a Willie Nice Christmas” by Kacey Musgraves featuring Willie Nelson.

Episode 166: Flirtatious Trumpet and Mournful Accordion

This week on HARK, we cover two songs by request: the haunting reverie of Loreena McKennitt’s “In Praise of Christmas” and the playful brevity of the Squirrel Nut Zipper’s “Winter Weather”. We also have our biggest disagreement about a song since covering Ian’s sworn enemies The Killers!

Thank you to merikus for the requests!

Episode 163: The United Nations vs Rudolph’s Baller Party

By request, this week we cover a kitschy tune from a 70’s children’s record – and then try to out-do it. “10,000 Santa Clauses (But Not One Gift For Me)” by The Caroleers is a strange delight, but it’s in “Roly Poly the Polar Bear” by the Peppermint Kandy Kids that we discover a cool new friend.

Thanks to Thom and our anonymous listener for requesting The Caroleers!