Episode 286: Fake Sinatra

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Hang on to your beep-boops, in this episode we returning to the world of neural-net-generated carols! OpenAI’s Jukebox performs an original song created by fellow neural net GPT-2, under the title “Classic Pop, in the Style of Frank Sinatra”. The Forever Now, a band composed of regular ol’ humans, puts their spin on the same lyrics under the title “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, King of All the Earth”. Man vs. machine! Will robots come out on top or trip on that uncanny valley?

The ranking music in this episode is “Jazz, in the Style of Ella Fitzgerald” by OpenAI’s Jukebox. You can read Janelle Shane’s post about Jukebox here and her post about creation of the Christmas carol lyrics here!

Thank you to Matthew for the request! RJ’s other podcast, Book Club For Masochists, can be found here.

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